Why choose natural skincare products?

Products photo smallOur products are natural and fresh artisan creations.  We prepare them in small batches and store them in the refrigerator to ensure their potency. Our formulations combine essential oils, botanical extracts, and edible products. In fact, you could even eat our products – that is how healthy they are!

Our products never contain any parabens, formaldehyde, pthalates, sulphates, or any other toxic substances.  

We use certified organic and/or pure natural ingredients and do our best to keep our products affordable and accessible. 

Anti-Aging Vitamin C Serum

It is known that Vitamin C is absorbed through the skin 20 times more then through digestive system. This unique formulation is providing tremendous health benefits along with releasing wrinkles from your face. It is the best to apply it on your clean face, neck and chest every morning and evening. Shake it vigorously before applying and enjoy slight tingling on your skin as Vitamin C is being absorbed while improving your immune system at the same time.

Anti-Aging Face Serum

This gentle yet potent formulation is applicable for mature, aging, sensitive, dry or oily skin. The unique balanced recipe incorporates a custom blend of essential oils known for centuries to penetrate deeply into the layers of the skin, provide moisturizing and collagen building effect literally erasing wrinkles from your ace. We recommend to use this serum at night, as these oils provide calming and balancing effect for your emotional body facilitating restful and rejuvenating sleep.

Tea Tree Oil Deodorant

Our deodorant is completely natural, does not contain any preservatives, and contains anti-inflammatory components such as coconut oil and tea tree oil. We provide you with protection from body odor that lasts for whole day, even if you apply it on the already sweaty armpits. The aroma of a tea tree oil evaporates in minutes after you apply a thin layer of the deodorant onto your skin.

Most commercial deodorants contain aluminum and other toxic substances. Some natural deodorants are much healthier for the body and yet they contain preservatives to sustain shelf life. Often people report that natural deodorants don’t offer much protection from body odor as it wears off in a few hours. Our deodorant helps you to stay odor-free of the whole day.

Our products are available for sale at our clinic and by phone order only.




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