Detox & Weight Loss

10259092_l_300x300What do you want to achieve? Do you want to….

  • Lose Weight?
  • Fix Digestive Disorder?
  • Get relief from Gas, Bloating, Acid Reflex?
  • Correct Skin Issues, Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne?

Nutrition Planning is one of the major components in any health related issue. Actually it is one of the major components in our lives. We can live without many things, but we have to eat in order to survive. We plan our events around eating, and we develop many concepts and beliefs about food. Lately there been lots of controversy about different ways of eating besides vegetarian and animal product style. And I find that many people are confused about their food choices.

We will make it easier right now

There is no question we are exposed to hazards of the modern way of living.

We are exposed to pesticides, gas fumes, chlorine water, xenobiotics, plastics, dyes, food preservatives, air pollution, high stress, artificial light, etc. The list goes on and on. It seems there is nothing we can do about it, however we found a way to take matters into our own hands and minimize the effects of these exposures.

Since beginning of times in various cultures around the world people were concerned with purifying their body and mind. We now know – with the help of the modern technology – that our immune system is designed to overcome deadly pathogens as bacteria, viruses, and chemicals.

The less toxic substances in the body – the stronger your immune system is. It doesn’t have to work 24 hours a day to protect your vital organs from danger, instead it looks outwards to protect you from environmental exposure. If it works overtime to cleanse already accumulated toxins it gets weak and at some point fails. At that point you can get sick with “mysterious” unexplainable and seemingly uncurable diseases with symptoms barely mitigated by medications with multiple side effects.

It’s not too late to address the present toxicity on multiple levels and unload your immune system from extra work and improve the quality of your life by leaps and bounds.


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