Bridal Bundle

5412423_l_300x300Congratulations on your decision to embrace a powerful new direction in your life. Whether you are the bride or a special person close to the bride, your upcoming wedding is an event you will remember forever.

You are about to embark upon a new chapter of your life! What  a great time not only to enhance your beauty but to become the best you can be – inside and out.

Let us help you to radiate the happiness and vitality that you possess. We have special bundles for brides, grooms, parents, relatives, and bridesmaids.

Of course all our special bundles come to you with added value – to maximize your enjoyment and relieve stress during this special time of your life.

  • Bora Bora - The ultimate bridal package. This includes Natural FaceliftCellulite ReductionDetox & Weight Loss. This package  is fully customizable based on  your personal health history and lifestyle.
  • Cleopatra - The most comprehensive Natural Facelift package available. It includes all the facelift procedures, extensive nutritional counseling, chemical analysis, emotional balancing, organic skin products, and stress relief.
  • Gisele - The most comprehensive Cellulite Reduction package available. It includes all the cellulite removal procedures, extensive nutritional counseling, chemical analysis, and emotional balancing.
  • Camila - The most comprehensive Detox & Weight Loss package available. It includes weight loss sessions, a natural nutritional cleanse, a homeopathic cleanse, extensive nutritional counseling, a custom nutrition plan, chemical analysis, and emotional balancing. The typical weight loss is 9 pounds in 12 days followed by a stable reduction in weight.

We recommend scheduling your complimentary consultation with Doctor Maya as soon as possible to clarify your goals, determine your eligibility, and maximize your results.

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