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SONY DSCDoctor Maya Sarkisyan is an expert in detecting and correcting emotional components in physical and psychological health conditions. She is a Master of Acupuncture trained extensively in Five Element Classical Acupuncture tradition as well as in many other traditions of Chinese Medicine. She is a National Board Certified Diplomate of Oriental Medicine and Florida Licensed Acupuncturist. She incorporates Integrative Medicine in her practice to help her patients achieve their goals faster using the state-of-the-art scientific advances in modern medicine.

Doctor Maya is an NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Practitioner in Neuro Emotional Technique, EFT expert, and Certified Hypnotherapist. She was trained with the top exerts in the field such as Richard Bandler, Charles Faulkner, Steve Andreas, Dr. Scott Walker and Dr. Deb Walker,  and many others. Doctor Maya received an advanced training in the Dragon Gate linage Medicine with Abbot Zhang Ming Xin and Master Wong at the Daoist Jianfu Temple at the base of Qing Cheng Shan, China.

Doctor Maya has been a featured speaker on multiple radio shows discussing holistic methods to physical and emotional healing. She also represents alternative medicine solutions to a Palm Beach County Tinnitus Group. Doctor Maya is  known for her work in the field of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NET). She is an active member of professional medical and hypnosis associations, and maintains private practice located in beautiful Boca Raton, FL.



Our beautiful clinic is located near the ocean in Boca Raton, Florida. Here you can meet Doctor Maya and have your initial examination and consultation.

At our clinic you will experience hands-on services such as Neuro Emotional Technique, various styles of acupuncture, cupping, advanced pain relief, cosmetic procedures, and more.

We provide biochemical testing such as Food Sensitivity, Micronutrients, Hormones, Nutritional and Functional DNA analysis, Neurotransmitter, Parasites and Gut Bacteria, and many others.

Please visit our clinic website for descriptive information about our services.


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